How this site works:

  1. Want to buy Peercoins
    If you want to buy Peercoins using this site you will need to be a member to view the members offering peercoins for sale. Once you have signed up on the site, you can search for users by your location to see what people have peercoins for sale near you. As a member you will be able to see their contact details and will be able to arrange a place to meet and perform your trade, start by clicking Buy Peercoins
  2. Want to sell your Peercoins
    You will need to be a member on this site to list your peercoins you wish to sell. Once you are registered you can navigate to the Sell Peercoins and you can fill in your details and how many peercoins you have for sale and for how much. When someone wants to buy your peercoins, they will contact you directly. Its that simple! Any problems please contact Fuzzybear on Peercointalk…
  3. Make the most of Escrow
    Fuzzybear the admin of Peercointalk offers a Peercoin Escrow service Escrow service…